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Ladies Fixtures 2021/2022


26th September 2021


Cube & Triangle 'v' Post Office

Blues Club 'v' Bye

Hunters 'v' Skegness

13th February 2022


Post Office 'v' Cube & Triangle

Bye 'v' Blues Club

Skegness 'v' Hunters

24th October 2021


Cube & Triangle 'v' Skegness

Post Office 'v' Blues Club

Hunters 'v' Bye

6th March 2022


Skegness 'v' Cube & Triangle

Blues Club 'v' Post Office

Bye 'v' Hunters

21st November 2021


Blues Club 'v' Cube & Triangle

Hunters 'v' Post Office

Bye 'v' Skegness

17th April 2022


Cube & Triangle 'v' Blues Club

Post Office 'v' Hunters

Skegness 'v' Bye

2nd January 2022


Bye 'v' Cube & Triangle

Hunters 'v' Blues Club

Post Office 'v' Skegness

15th May 2022


Cube & Triangle 'v' Bye

Blues Club 'v' Hunters

Skegness 'v' Post Office

16th January 2022


Cube & Triangle 'v' Hunters

Bye 'v' Post Office

Blues Club 'v' Skegness

22nd May 2022


Hunters 'v' Cube & Triangle

Post Office 'v' Bye

Skegness 'v' Blues Club

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