The Name of the Organisation shall be the Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation. (The Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation being a full member of the UKDA, shall be subject to all the Rules and Regulations of the UKDA, and Super Leagues.

It shall be the declared purpose of the Organisation to provide means whereby the best players in Lincolnshire may compete with and against each other in venues inside the Lincolnshire County boundary as defined by a current Ordinance Survey map. Player's eligibility for County teams selection to be preceded the playing in the Lincolnshire Super League. No other team shall be permitted to enter a superleague team within the Lincolnshire's Border to play in another counties superleague.

Membership of the Organisation shall be by election only, under the direction of the elected Executive Committee, and that applications for membership shall only be accepted, provided that conditions for playing Super League shall be of the highest standard, this to be at the discretion of the Executive Committee should there be doubt. A bond of £30 for the Men's Super League Teams and £20 for the Ladies Super League Teams shall be deposited with the Organisation for the current season, and is a Team Bond only, upon application for membership, returnable only if the application be refused, or at the end of the season.

Furthermore the whole of the Bond shall be forfeited should the said applicant fail at any time to observe the required rules, governing the Organisation following acceptance.  Failure during the playing season to adhere to any rules of play, payment of fees, non compliance with fixtures, except in exceptional circumstances, shall automatically result in the deduction of points and/ or suspension, and the loss of Bond or fine, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, the offending teams to be allowed to submit their reason for the offence at an Executive meeting.

In the instances of no playing fixtures, then the teams shall be suspended from the Super League, its Knockouts, County games and any competitions organised by the Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation for that season.

The Organisation shall act through its officer and Executive Committee. The Committee shall comprise the listed officers, the Chairman only having the right to vote in case of equal numbers of votes being cast. The Executive Committee shall be a deliberate body as regards policy matters and an executive body as regards the carrying out of any policy of matter at the AGM or any arrangements arising out of such matters as have been agreed.

The Quorum shall be a minimum of seven (7) voting members. The normal rules of conduct of meetings shall apply, and the decision of the Chair as regards what shall constitute the rules of conduct or the interpretation of any of the Leagues rules shall be at the discretion of the Chairman

Non-committee members may attend meetings and may address them with the leave of the Chair but may not vote.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of each Committee meeting.

Rules changes, additions to rules or nominations for election or offices, must be seconded by another person from a different team and received by the secretary by May 30th that season, for consideration for the AGM. No rule proposals for the AGM will be accepted after this date. If no nominations are received, then the current officers will continue to stand for the forthcoming season.

All teams are to declare their intention to enter next season by May 30th each season.

A fine of £10 will be imposed if teams are not represented at the AGM by a voting member of their team.


At the AGM, the voting is one vote per registered Super League player signing for the forthcoming season, who must also attend the AGM.


Each team shall pay in respect of its entry to the League the sum of £40 and £30 (bond) for Men's Super League, £30 and £20 (Bond) for the Ladies Superleague. Each team shall at or before each meeting pay to the Treasurer monies it owes. Each player shall pay the sum of £20 Men's and £18 Ladies registration fees. This is to be paid before the first Super League match is played.  The signing on fee is set for the whole season.

The Treasurer shall report monthly to the Committee on the financial situation. Any team in arrears shall be notified in writing by the Treasurer and if arrears are not paid by the next meeting that team shall be SUSPENDED and fined  5, and if payment is not made within a further 7 days from that meeting; the offending team will automatically be expelled and their BOND forfeited.

The League's accounts shall be kept and held by the Treasurer and shall be certified at the end of the year by an accountant, these will be unaudited accounts.

The Leagues banker shall be Lloyds Bank.  The League liquid assets not for the time being required for the discharge of debt or working capital shall be invested as the Committee shall decide.

All elected members of the Executive Committee shall be required to devote their efforts towards the furtherance of the sport for the County and not for any personal gain.

The financial arrangements hereto before described are in no event to be arranged as a legal contract and are intended to be regarded as a binding honour only.


1. Additional signatures may be allowed up to the team's first match. After this additions to be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Captains must telephone either the Chairman or the Secretary prior to a player signing for a team. If players need to be signed on to play on the night of a game, the captain must telephone the Chairman or secretary to gain permission for a player to register with a team.

Eligibility to Lincs Superleague: Only players willing to play for Lincolnshire County are eligible to play in the Superleague. Ladies is the same.

2. Men's Teams to consist of a minimum of 7 players. Matches to be played - 7 individual games of 501 up, best of 7 legs. Home team to commence legs 1, 3, 5 & 7 in odd games. Away team to have advantage legs 1,3, 5 & 7 on even games.

3. Seven games per match, one point per game. In the event of equal points at the end of the playing season, a playoff to decide the winner.

4.  "BUST" rule shall apply.

5. All games to start straight finish on a double. (Bull counts double 25)

6.All matches shall be played on a standard treble board, 25 & 50 Bull. NO ROUND WIRE BOARDS PERMITTED. Mission Samurai 2 or Mission Infinity DART-BOARDS MUST BE USED (IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE UKDA RULES). The board shall be fastened with the centre of the Bull 5ft 8" from the floor, and a throwing distance of 7ft 91/4 " from the face of the board measured horizontally and marked with a raised oche, minimum length of 3ft x 1 1/2 " high. Players must "TOE" the oche or stand behind it.

7.  All league matches to be played on Sunday evenings,  weekly and as drawn by the fixture secretary, matches to commence at 7.30pm, order of play to be drawn for, any player not present in the venue when called to play, shall forfeit that said game and take no further part in the match. Teams with less than 7 players, full side can decide who plays.

8. A scorer to be nominated and agreed upon by the captains, the person scoring shall be the referee and shall be responsible as far as practicable for the board, oche and all equipment in use and the General Good Order while the game is in progress.

9. Each game shall provide one official to mark or call out. Scorers to be shown the subtractions on a blackboard (or similar). The Marker will, if so asked by the player, declare the score of each dart. No darts to be removed from the board until the score has been called. All scores to be recorded on official Superleague Score Sheets. One copy to be received by the Wednesday following the match or on Darts for windows and the pdf emailing to nicolacheavins@hotmail.com or the team responsible for the score sheet/pdf will be fined  £10 and receive a 2 point deduction. Sheets to be signed by both captains. Winning team to send in Score Sheet. Score sheet can be emailed to the FIXTURE SECRETARY - nicolacheavins@hotmail.com

10.  Reasons for cancelling a game (either men's or ladies) will be for a team with players competing in the National League Cup, Champions Cup, Internationals, British Open. The fixture secretary and both team captains concerned to be notified at least 7 days prior to fixture unless unforeseen circumstances arise. Matches that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the offending team will incur a fine of £70 mens £50 ladies and a 3 point deduction, unless inclement weather occurs. Captains are to liaise with each other to find a suitable date. If one cannot be found either before or within 4 weeks of the fixture date, then 3 weeks will be given to the committee by the home team who will then pick a date for it to be played.  ALL MATCHES MUST BE PLAYED BY THE LAST MATCH OF THE SUPERLEAGUE SEASON.

11. Any County player not attending matches will be severely dealt with by the committee.

12. Any team withdrawing from the Superleague shall lose their BOND and all points be declared void of before the end of the season and no player is to be allowed to transfer to another team. County players affected by this rule may be allowed to play until deselected.

13. Failure to complete all fixtures. Average points gained by opposing team will be awarded to them and the guilty team will be suspended and lose their BOND. This will be at the Committees discretion.

14. LADIES playing format consists of 5 singles 501 up, best of 5 legs. Home team to commence 1st, 3rd & 5th legs in odd games. Away team to commence 1st, 3rd & 5th legs in the even games.  And two pairs games to be played, the captains to select 4 players of their choice, and then to be placed down and each pair drawn blind. Format for pairs is best of 3 legs 501, Home team to commence 1st & 3rd Legs. Pairs games to be played first.

15. A total of 7 games per ladies match (5 SINGLES AND TWO PAIRS), one point per game. In the event of equal points at the end of the playing season, there will be a playoff to decide the winner.

16. "BUST" rule shall apply.

17. All games to start straight finish on a double. (Bull counts double 25)

18. Points will be awarded corresponding to games won. E.g.  4-3 results will be four points for winning team, three points for losing team. If top position of the league at the end of the season is tied, then a playoff for first place will be played. Matches to start at 7.30pm.

19.  TROPHIES. ALL TROPHIES MUST BE RETURNED TO A COMMITTEE MEMBER ONE MONTH BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON. Any team not returning their league trophy/trophies at the end of the season ready to present to the new winning teams/players on presentation day; shall forfeit their TEAM BOND. All damages/losses must also be paid for by the team/person in receipt of the trophy/trophies.






Team competitions shall be played 501 up, 7 games, best of 7 legs. Threes shall be 801 up, best of 5 legs, Pairs shall be 501 up, best of 5 legs. Semi-final and Final shall be 501 up, best of 7 legs. Singles shall be 501 up, best of 5 legs. Knock-out Competitions shall be played at such venues starting at such times as the Committee decide. Only   players from their own team to play together. Bracket system to operate.

Knock-out cup entry fee is included in entry fee for the League.

Any team not competing in the K.O. Cup will be fined £40 as they have not fulfilled their full league programme. Any matter not covered by the rules shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee and the underlying principles thereafter become embodied in the Rules.


Singles shall be 501 up best of 5 legs. Pairs shall be 501 up best of 5 legs. Triples shall be 801 up best of 3 legs. The Team K.O. cup shall be played as 5 singles; 501 up best of 5 legs.

Knock-out cup entry fee is included in entry fee for the League.

Any team not competing in the K.O. Cup will be fined £40 as they have not fulfilled their full league programme. Any matter not covered by the rules shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee and the underlying principles thereafter become embodied in the Rules.


1.   No Ladies are eligible to play in Men's Superleague and no MEN to play in the ladies superleague.

2.  Any player who has played for another County and wishes to transfer to Lincolnshire County Darts,

must obtain a release paper from that County before signing a UKDA players form.

3. Any player selected for another County either in a team or representing that County in a UKDA event whilst a member of a

Lincolnshire Super League team must notify the Executive Committee immediately. Players may sign on for another Counties Superleague Team.

4. All paid up players in Lincolnshire Superleague are eligible to take part in any playoff for a UKDA event to represent Lincolnshire.

No player shall enter such a play-off for MORE THAN ONE COUNTY.

5. All officials of Lincolnshire Darts Committee on taking office declare their loyalty to the committee and shall not work individually in any dispute.

In the event of such behaviour the Committee may expel that member providing a vote of two thirds majority is in favour of such action.

6. Any specific instance not covered by the Rules shall be decided upon by the elected Committee and notice given to all teams in the Superleague.

7. Any player who becomes ineligible by reason of failure to comply with registration conditions set out in the rules or fails to pay their signing on fee before playing in a match shall forfeit all points gained by that player for the team.

8. Procedure for dealing with any complaint against a player or official of Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation follows the UKDA code of Practice:

8.1   The complaint shall be investigated by an official of the Committee and if deemed necessary a Disciplinary Hearing shall be arranged with all parties invited to attend in writing by the General Secretary. Following the decision of the Disciplinary Hearing parties may Appeal within 7 days, when an Appeal Hearing will be arranged. No Committee member shall sit on both panels.

8.2   Penalty if the complaint is found is a fine and/or suspension to a maximum of eighteen months.

8.3   Upon failure by any party to attend to refute allegations the Committee may infer the allegation is well founded providing the persons concerned have been informed of the date and place of the hearing in writing by the General Secretary who shall remain impartial.

8.4   All disputes of complaints shall be in writing to the Lincolnshire County Darts Organisation Committee Chairman. If this is not practicable, decisions may be taken by an official of the Executive Committee witnessing any incident who must report to the full committee at their next meeting for verification and to action the disciplinary procedure.


1. All monies due for away games for players must be paid in full to the committee at the home match the month before the away fixture. If a player is not selected after costs have been paid, then a refund will be issued. All bookings are final, and any person/persons cancelling the hotel or minibus will be liable to pay the full amount. Failing to comply with this rule, the person/persons will be dealt with by the committee.


If any superleague or county player is found to be organising a competition on a date that Lincolnshire County Darts have secured to organise their own events, then the person/persons will be dealt with by the committee, and could result in them being excluded from the Lincolnshire superleague. NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN. Lincolnshire Darts must protect their investment with the sponsors and will not tolerate any person/persons who try to jeopardise Lincolnshire's sponsorships by running events on the same day.